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Please Complete The Following Survey to Receive a $50 credit towards a Kara Drinking Water Device! You'll Also Be Entered For a Chance To Win a Unit For Free!

The Following Is Survey About a Product We Are Currently Developing That Can Make up to 3 Gallons Of Pure Drinking Water Per Day From The Humidity in The Air, Right in Your Home, Office, and Even Outdoors. It's Highly Sustainable and Cost Effective. Your Feedback is Very Important and We Appreciate Your Time!

Please Answer The Following Questions to The Best Of Your Ability and in Your Honest Opinion. there is no commitment upon Completing this survey

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Your Tap Water is Safe to Drink
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If there was a device that could make up to 3 gallons of water a day from the humidity in the air around you (just plug it in and it produces purified water from thin air) would you be interested in it? *
This is a one time purchase for a product that will last for years. Please Answer to Your Best Ability.
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